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Look after your car during lockdown

Looking after your car during lockdown.

Tried to start it and it’s not gone too well? I spoke to Danny at The Overton Garage who gave a wealth of advice for the common questions he’s been getting during lockdown.

(Legal bit. This is general guidance only. Always refer to manufacturer guidelines before carrying out any maintenance on your vehicle)

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Overton TV News on Monday 27th March

Overton clapped for our carers, but this evening we ring out for Overton.

Reverend James Russell from St Mary’s church will be talking about how the village is coping in our first week of staying at home.

Jo South talks about the colourful new designs for Overton’s public toilet doors

How Overton’s children and adults can get involved in a new online cookery cook-along idea in the village.

Alexis talks to her gym instructor on how you can keep fit and exercise at home.

Matilda has the weather

And Sharon East sings us out of the show

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Overton TV News on Friday 19th March 2020

In our first edition!

As the corona virus restrictions come into force, the kids are now off school for the foreseeable future. How will parents cope? Kate has more details on that.

We’ll talk to Sonia Hutton Taylor in detail about the Corona virus and what the medical experts currently know about it.

Lucy Sloan Williams talks about those of us who have the responsibility to care for others and how we can still do that with the coronavirus restrictions in place.

Suzie from Bloom will be telling us how Overton High Street is coping and the new ideas our shops and services are coming up with.

And talk to Earl Robinson about an amazing new project called Overton Cares. Helping us ALL as more and more of us are required to stay indoors.

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