Overton.TV is here to reflect this amazing village and the people who live in it. Overton professionals who work hard to help and support is, Overton villagers pulling together to help others and Overton businesses finding new ways of working during the corona virus restrictions.

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A little way we can pull together and show everyone what a wonderful community spirit we have here.

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We live and breathe Overton. We can’t do what we do without you. As more and more of us are told to stay indoors during the corona virus outbreak, our Overton News bulletins are full of Overton villagers talking about what’s happening right here in our village. And that means YOU.

We want to hear from you, we want to know what you  know and tell the rest of the village.

Whilst more and more of us are required to stay at home…

GET IN TOUCH! – What ideas have you come up with to make your life easier.

GET IN TOUCH – Got children at home? How are you keeping them occupied?

GET IN TOUCH – If you are an Overton business. Redefining what you do to keep things afloat.

GET IN TOUCH – If you are working to help others.

It’s not a time to be modest, come and chat to us. We want to tell the rest of the village!

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